Light Affectable Art - Tanja Henn

           Light Affectable Art

In twilight all colours grey ‑

or so they say. Black is not a colour, it is the absorption of Light. White is the reflection of Light. Therefore colour is not a characteristic of paint; the impression of colour is a product from paint pigment together with Light, absorbed and reflected according to its specter. As a result, any picture can be made " alive " by shining Light with various specters on it.

One of the strongest effects is the combination from fluorescent paint with ultraviolet Light ( blacklight ). When it shines on the fluorescent image, the Light is reflected using a higher frequency. The resulting intensive glow creates  a magical atmosphere.

   Tanja Henn 

I believe in different layers of reality. I love surrealistic images, optical illusions, and the play with colours.The brain sees ( parts of ) the image, analyse it, associates it, modifies it and makes us think that is our base for reality. But reality is a tricky thing : which reality you are talking about. Reality is for most of the people a trustworthy thing, but it is actually one of these words which are most undefinited, because it depends on who is talking about it. My art style is my own way of expressing my reality. Different feelings and thoughts are brought up by different sources of Light shining on it.

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