Light Affectable Art

 " Cremes l' Ardennes "

    Day light, 1997 





Abstract motiefs are born from a line in oposite for example to a  dot-painting. Basically there are two principles in live : one principle is working on a time line. From A to B. One foot in front of the  other one. The other principle is, that things happening at the same time : the hart beats, the stomack and the brain are working simultaneously. Both principles are like Ying & Yang, they coexists like two layers of reality. Most of the time we are on a coordinate from both principles.   


  " Cremes l' Ardennes "

    Blacklight, 1997





  One of the strongest effects is the combination from fluorescent paint with ultraviolet Light ( blacklight ). When it shines on the fluorescent image, the Light is reflected using a higher frequency. The resulting intensive glow creates a magical atmosphere.


This effect is a " live " effect. One cannot photograph fluorescence. The intensity of the Light is visible on a photo, but the ability to reflect the Light on a higher frequency is essential for the element Fluor.



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